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Our range of Slimline Glazed Doors can provide a solution for every requirement. Available in steel and aluminium profiles, glazed doors can include various hardware options for increased security and can also be fire rated.

Perfect for external or internal use, we’re also able to provide glazed walls and glazed panels to complete the look you want.

Please see the sections below for further details on our aluminium and steel fully glazed doors.

Why not get us to install your doors too? With years of experience, our dedicated installation team cover the entirety of the United Kingdom. No job is too small or too big.

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Schueco – Jansen-Economy & Janisol Doors

Steel Profile Fully Glazed Doors

Schueco Jansen-Economy 50 is the profile system for flush door constructions without thermal insulation. The simple profile shapes ease the task of assembly. The wide range offers room for creative and cost-effective solutions.

Completed projects
Jansen Economy 50 door sales range
Jansen Economy 50 door

Thanks to a greater installation depth and wall thickness, the Jansen-Economy 60 system is particularly suitable for large, heavily loaded single and double leaf door elements and for applications requiring higher levels of security.

Completed projects
Jansen Economy 60 anti finger trap door
Jansen Economy 60 door 11 2015
Jansen Economy 60 door

Fire protection doors and fixed glass panels up to class E120 can be manufactured quite easily and simply using the popular Economy profiles. Jansen-Economy doors have the same appearance as the Janisol fire protection system components.

Completed projects
Jansen Economy 50 E30
Jansen Economy 60 E30
Jansen Economy E30

In a manner unlike almost any other product, Janisol 2 EI30 combines the legal requirements for structural safety with design freedom.

The material properties of steel allow extremely slimline steel profiles to be assembled into strong and safe constructions. The result here is multifunctional doors that satisfy the requirements of both the architect and the client.

The performance of the system has been internationally confirmed in numerous fire tests. Janisol 2 has been tested in combination with products from many different glass suppliers.

Completed projects
Janisol 2 EI30 Order Catalogues
Janisol 2 EI30 sheet metal clad
Janisol 2 EI30

Jansen has put the advantages of ceramic to good use. The result is fire protection doors that combine strength with the highest fire protection characteristics. The innovative fire protection infill panels can achieve up to an EI90 fire resistance class with an installation depth of only 70 mm.

Completed projects
Janisol C4 EI60 EI90 order catalogues
Janisol C4 EI60 EI90

Thanks to its highly resistant material characteristics, steel is perfect for highly frequented buildings such as schools, hospitals and sports centres.

Completed projects
Janisol anti finger trap door
Janisol door 11 2015
Janisol door

Introduced for the first time by Schuco Jansen at BAU 2013, the Janisol HI system sets new standards in thermal insulation.

Triple glazing doors achieve an excellent coefficient of thermal transmittance of UD 1.0 W/m2K.

Thanks to the high-tech insulating bars made from glass fibre-reinforced polyurethane, the new door system achieves excellent static values and its performance has been highly confirmed in numerous tests (air/water/wind/mechanics).

Completed projects
Janisol HI door order catalogues
Janisol HI door
Minergie Janisol HI door

Slimline, Schueco, Smart Systems, Shopline, Reynaers Aluminium Doors

Aluminium Profile Fully Glazed Doors

Steel Doors Plymouth aluminium doors open up numerous new possibilities for the attractive design of the outside of the building envelope.

Since aluminium is easy to form and shape, individual ideas and requirements can also be met. The system provides the optimum combination of design and function.

  • Aesthetic design
  • High degree of design freedom
  • Wide range of colours
  • Considerable scope for creativity
  • Custom solutions possible
  • Quality approved
  • Doors are available with various security features: burglar resistance, fire resistance and bullet resistance
  • A range of designs available from non-insulated to highly thermally insulated

We supply the following aluminium door systems:

Slimline Architectural Products offers the desired features and aesthetically pleasing lines of the pedigreed titles but at a more affordable cost.

The Slimline system consists of a suite of profiles that can be fabricated into doors and screens suitable for installation into new buildings, or for the refurbishment of existing buildings, generally in the industrial or commercial building industry.

Slimline profiles are extruded from aluminium alloy 6063 T06 to comply with the recommendations of BSEN573. Polyester powder coated finishes are available to BS6496 in a wide range of colours. Anodised finishes are to BSEN12370 nGrade AA25, etch silver and bronze as standard, with a range of special anodised finishes on request. Weather stripping is produced from either extruded silicone or EPDM and fitted into grooves in the extruded aluminium profiles.

We offer a choice of options in the Schueco range, including the Schuco ADS 65 and the Schueco ADS 70.

Though the ADS 70 is superior in thermal insulation both ranges offer the following key features;

  • Outstanding thermal insulation
  • Can be used as a multi-purpose door
  • Option of integrating into building security and automation
  • Matches Schüco AWS window systems
  • Burglar resistance up to WK3
  • Modern design provides numerous design options
  • Fully concealed fittings
  • Choice of surface finishes

Smart Systems offer a range of doors suitable for the architectural, commercial, public, new build and retail markets.

Doors are available with polyamide thermal barrier or as aluminium/PVC-U composite frames for high performance thermal efficiency.

High security glazing, locking mechanism including security deadlock and hook bolts, dual colour options, excellent weather performance (BS6375 Pt 1) are some of the many special features of our door systems.

A non-thermal aluminium screen and door system for commercial and retail applications


Home comfort is one of the focus points of the SL 38 window system. Thermal performances and air tightness are key for a balanced interior climate.

The new SL 38 offers a three level weather sealing, thus ensuring a living space without draft.

The increased depth of the system now also allows for a wide range of HR++ and HR+++ glazing and by this easily reaching Uw values of 1.4W/m²K and better: similar to high end window systems like our CS 86-HI

The vision 50 range is a non-insulated flush door system, offering solutions for a wide range of ground-floor or shop front constructions.

Various devices can be added, allowing the door to pivot or slide automatically.

VISION 50 is suitable for high-traffic applications in both office and retail environments and offers a range of threshold solutions to comply with all building regulations.

To maximize the security level, all doors can be provided with an integrated anti-finger trap.

This door system is the ideal combination of premium performance and ease of production.

Aluminium & Steel Profile Glazed Doors

Pick a colour, any colour...

Slimline Glazed Doors Profile Standard RAL Colour Range & Powder Coating Options

These colours represent only a small number of those that are available. Please ask if you cannot see the colour you require.

To improve the longevity of your doors, Steel Doors Plymouth aluminium and steel profile fully glazed doors are supplied in a high quality finish powder coating (PPC) at no extra cost.

A full range of RAL and BS colours are available, including metallics and pearlescents as an optional extra.

Steel Doors Plymouth is a C5 marine grade specialist, providing unmatched corrosion protection in steel doors supplied to highly corrosive and/or saline environments.

Please note this treatment is particularly recommended for doors which will be situated less than 50m from the coastline.

C5 Marine Grade Powder Coating Options

  • Marine Grade Paint | Single
  • Marine Grade Paint | Double / Leaf & Half
  • C5i Marine Grade Door | Single
  • C5i Marine Grade Door | Double / Leaf & Half

*PLEASE NOTE: These colours are for reference only and are an approximation of the true colours. The quality, type and settings of the output device used to display this page will also affect the visible colour. Some colours may be subject to an additional cost. Steel Door-sets that are installed in extreme locations, i.e. coastal areas etc., may require special paint applications. Steel Doors Plymouth sales staff can advise accordingly. Failure to notify/specify these applications can result in the negation of the guarantee.

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