Flood Defence Doors

Your Flood Defence Door, configured & built to order from your specification to your satisfaction

Flood Defence Doors - Manufactured & Fitted In The UK

Steel Doors Plymouth provide invaluable knowledge and skills in the design and manufacture of our high quality steel security and flood defence doors.

Flood proof doors are ideally used for external applications and are suitable for the following applications:

  • Warehouses
  • Store Rooms
  • Electrical Substations
  • Retail Outlets

Our doors have been designed to offer protection against both flood and unauthorised entry. Available in both single and double doors (outward opening) with unique seals and hardware, the doors offer peace of mind where the threat of flood is high.

Every one of our flood rated doors is manufactured in the UK from high grade, superior quality steel, finished in your choice of RAL colour PPC and delivered straight to your site. Our Flood Doors can be made to your specified dimensions.

Why not get us to install your flood doors too? With years of experience, our dedicated installation team cover the entirety of the United Kingdom. No job is too small or too big.

Flood Defence Door Construction & Fitting

Your Choice of Flood Proof Door

Flood Defence Doors Specs

  • Leaf: 1.5mm Galvanised Steel
  • Minimum of 5 reinforced fixing points either side with additional 2 on the head jamb for double doors
  • 45mm thick door leaf with lipped astragal
  • Minimum of 4 Reinforced, Pre Treated and Protected Grade 13 stainless steel ball bearing butt hinges (complies with EN 1935:2002)
  • Double skinned with interlocking strengthening seams
  • Vertical Anti Twist Interlocking welded channel core
  • Dense Rocksilk 45 core
  • Reinforced lock keeps
  • Frame: 1.5mm Galvanised Zintec Steel – Frame depth can vary to suit apertures with a Single Rebate Minimum Depth 38mm x 132mm
  • Steel lined high grade seals
  • Powder Coated (pre treated and primed as standard offering additional protection)
  • Removable centre mullion available

Our Flood Proof doorsets can be made in almost any size

Single, Double, Leaf & Half Options

Steel Door Leaf Configurations

Easy to fit

Adjustable Steel Frame

Protect From Flood Damage

Superior Construction

Your Flood Door , as you want it

Bespoke Sizing

Flood Defence Where You Need It

Multiple Applications

Pick a colour, any colour...

Flood Defence Doors Standard RAL Colour Range & Powder Coating Options

These colours represent only a small number of those that are available. Please ask if you cannot see the colour you require.

To improve the longevity of your doors, Steel Doors Plymouth Flood Defence Doors are supplied in a high quality finish powder coating (PPC) at no extra cost.

A full range of RAL and BS colours are available, including metallics and pearlescents as an optional extra.

Steel Doors Plymouth is a C5 marine grade specialist, providing unmatched corrosion protection in steel doors supplied to highly corrosive and/or saline environments.

Please note this treatment is particularly recommended for doors which will be situated less than 50m from the coastline.

C5 Marine Grade Powder Coating Options

  • Marine Grade Paint | Single
  • Marine Grade Paint | Double / Leaf & Half
  • C5i Marine Grade Door | Single
  • C5i Marine Grade Door | Double / Leaf & Half

*PLEASE NOTE: These colours are for reference only and are an approximation of the true colours. The quality, type and settings of the output device used to display this page will also affect the visible colour. Some colours may be subject to an additional cost. Steel Door-sets that are installed in extreme locations, i.e. coastal areas etc., may require special paint applications. Steel Doors Plymouth sales staff can advise accordingly. Failure to notify/specify these applications can result in the negation of the guarantee.

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